Saturday, April 02, 2005

Everybody Dies

Pope John Paul II passed away today after a protracted period of illness and persistent capricious rumors of his death rearing its head ever so often. He was a man of faith and a purveyor of peace and goodwill for millions of his followers all over the world. Though some of his views on abortion, women’s rights were conservative, to put it mildly, he truly was a harbinger of peace and goodwill, one the few religious heads who preached restraint and reason in an increasing chaotic and crazy world. He was, as put colloquially, “good people”.

The legion of cardinals will nominate a new Pope in a few days/weeks, but with the ever burgeoning presence of religion in our day to day lives, it is imperative that the new Pope needs to garner the respect of the followers of one of the largest faiths in the world fairly quickly. Hopefully we will not witness a modern day Crusades during our lifetime, but if we do we need someone with character and unalienable resolve at the helm.


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Hey Sourin,

You know what Rohan says, that Sourin writes very well, what happened to you brother and sisters, has the talent got diluted down the lines:):)

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