Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Movies Over the Internet

We rent movies from Netflix over the internet and yeah, it has its advantages with no trips to the video store and everything, but I still feel that something is amiss. There are times when I order movies that I desperately want to watch and there is a ‘Very Long Wait’ for that particular movie. Imaging having to wait six weeks for Jude Laws ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ to arrive. Well, after watching it I could well imagine someone trying their level best to destroy or reduce proliferation of this ludicrous waste of time of a movie.

Why couldn’t we have a movie download phenomenon with expiry dates on them? If trial software could have usage until a specific date, then why not movies, music etc.? Unless there already is such a contraption available and I have been blissfully unaware of the rapid advances in the movies technology business. That could very much be possible. Well there is TIVO and all this talk about collaboration between TIVO and Netflix, but who know when that will materialize.

So the DVD, the music player and all the other digital paraphernalia goes out the window as all you need is your desktop with gigabytes of hard disk space to hold all the movie and music downloads. And broadband connection of course, else you’d still be downloading movies from the 1930’s all your life. Maybe the DVD manufacturing companies are in cahoots with the techno geeks to keep this from being launched. There is already a war going on between Sony and the rest of the studios over which DVD formats to adapt. Maybe this could be something akin to that. Hmmmm…maybe I am on to something here. Maybe not.


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