Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sidharth goes to day-care

Today Seema will enroll Sidharth in a day-care center in Troy. She was impressed with the facility and said that it was clean and had lots of activities for the little uns. She said that Sidharth was OK playing with the other kids, but as soon as she left the room he started bawling. So we do not know how he's gonna take it today. He is quite assertive with the other children, snatching their toys and gouging their eyes when we are around. Sans our presence we have not seen how he would act. Seema is anxious on behalf of the child inspite of the assurances of the daycare staff that he should be OK.
The only language he comprehends now is Kannada and it shall be an education in English for him going on forward. I would not be surprised if loud "No's" filled our house from here on for every little thing we ask him to do !!! I dread if that will happen.


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