Saturday, March 19, 2005

Firefox...the Browser

Switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox a few days ago and boy am I relieved? No popups, no pandering by semi-nude seductresses for live chat or soliciting movies over the web or pills to make my manhood reach its nadir!!! Every time I leave the browser running Explorer for couple of hours, I would have a minimum of 10 popups needing to be shut down. No more now. Left the browser running Firefox last night and that’s the only thing running today morning, no popups,no pills, no bimbettes, no nothing. Am happy. No, am ecstatic infact. Give it a try, it’s worth the experience. Also all the cool features like opening new tabs on the browser, importing favorites from your existing browser etc. makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft has sold out to mass marketers who display these popups. Because it would be an easy programming change for them to stop this menace once and for all. Yes yes, I know they have their blocker toolbar, yahoo and google does, there are tons of freeware and paying products like Stopzilla, but shouldn’t the consumer reserve the right to be solicited?


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