Friday, March 18, 2005

Go cast your first stone

Recently some B-grade Bollywood actor was casitgated by all and sundry for trying to lure some nymphette into sex while promising her a role in Bollywood. All this was a "sting operation" carried out by some fledging TV channel to increase its viewership. Looks like the entire film industry is up in arms cuz this slimeball named a few bigtime producers and actresses for getting it on between the sheets. What next will they dig up, our politicians are also corrupt !!! Why does this surprise us so much that film stars sleep around ? Just like any other profession its mutual give-n-take. Let's resist the urge to go all moral overnight and eager to drag this scumbag to the stakes. For every seedy film personality who has been wanting to get into the pants of some newbie, there are thousands of newbies willing to put it all out. Some giveth and many others taketh. No big deal yaar. Just chill.


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