Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dont just Sit there...Blog Something

For the past few months I have been awed by some of the blog sites that I have read and re-read and its truly an ode to imagination and creativity that some truly remarkable wordsmith and ingenious and creative minds exist in cyberspace. Hats off, to these bloggers and I shall try and tread in their footsteps to make sense of my postings and try and be coherent. Nah, who am I kidding most of my stuff will be incoherent ramblings anyway. But most of all I want to record the trivials details about the light and joy of my life, Sidharth, my 20 month old, who with each passing day is fast becoming the "father of the man" ergo moi. Every mornings when I wake him up or nights when I put him to bed he teaches me something new and something wonderful and in some sense makes me feel complete.

Seema, my partner in crime and the mother of my child never tires of complaing the destruction that this lil fella brings about in our house. The vegetables flushed down the toilets, the TV wires pulled out of sockets and the carpets doused with water/mik/juice are just some of the never ending tirades of this little monster. But with each passing day, he is just an affirmation for me and Seemz that no matter how much life gets down on us, there is still something so pure, something so innocent that brings us unbridled joy and happiness and that each dreary day is worth getting up to the cries and whining of a 20-month old.

This blog is dedicated to Sidharth, my child, my light, my joy and my teacher.


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