Saturday, March 26, 2005

Position Eliminated

A very good friend of mine lost his job recently due to corporate restructuring which came as a shock to many since it was not expected that he would get the axe. He was told that “his position had been eliminated”. It’s amazing that how modern day corporations play God with peoples lives changing lifestyles and livelihoods of entire families. Like some corporate bigwig one fine days decrees “You once were found, but now get lost. Your position has been eliminated”. And that’s that, you are summarily discharged left to fend for yourself and your family by whatever means you see fit. Educational, healthcare, leisure and lifestyle priorities get realigned for most of us proletariats. Of course for the extremely affluent it’s an entirely different kind of survival games ala the feuding Ambani brothers. Would positions still have been eliminated during the barter system days of yore? Like the village chief would intone to the community butcher,“Mr. Bucher, due to insurmountable pressure from the anti fur lobby, PETA and the Hare Krishna’s, we have decided to turn vegan. Ergo, your position has been eliminated. Goodbye”. What does the butcher now do ? Produce tofu or teach salsa to the village belles ?

Evolution, shevolution, theories in the wind all. The Maslow’s pyramid isn’t getting inverted anytime soon. Should'nt the state or whoever up there ensure after so many years of advancement that survival and sustenance should be a given?. Not to dig up any graves of Marxism, socialism et. all, but it seems like we still are the hunters like our forefathers many generations ago albeit with better amenities. End of the day we are cavemen after all. But as of this day, capitalism rules, absolutely.


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