Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mr. Rao starts day care

Rao Jr. that is. After much trepidation and anxiety Seemz dropped off Sidharth at the day-care yesterday for a 4 hour duration and the lil guy didn’t take it well. He bawled and bawled and bawled and clung to his instructor Ms. Nicole the entire time he was there. I called late in the morning to check on him and was told that he was having “adjusting problems”. Welcome to the real world sonny boy, your period for adjustment has begun. Thus begins a lifelong charade of adjusting at home, at work, on the playground, at school, in society and in life. So she picked him up early and boy, was he glad to see his mother? His lunch on the first day was Cheesy potatoes with ham (ate all), peas (ate some), pineapple (ate little) and milk. The teacher commented that “he ate very well”, but still had appetite for a big snack after he came back. We’ll see how he “adjusts: henceforth.


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