Monday, March 28, 2005

Effetti and Favatti

No these are not some incomprehensible alien talk but “Effetti” stands for Elephant and “Favatti” stands for Butterfly in Sidharth’s own precocious vocabulary. Well if fish can be spelt “Ghoti” as per one erudite GB Shaw, then there could be something to “effetti” and “favatti”. He has this whole dictionary that is discernable only to himself and partly to us, his parents. Fork ends up sounding like “Fuck”, eliciting peals of laughter at parties and restaurants and leaving me and Seemz red-faced in front of guests. He’s also developed this habit of throwing stuff around the house, whatever he can lay his hands on. There is only so much one can childproof.

His sojourn at the day care continues with limited success, though he is gaining limited familiarity with the staff there. Apparently he cries as soon as Seemz drops him off in the mornings, but supposedly gets OK as soon as they begin their “circle time”, where they make the kids sit in a circle and sing songs. The daily reports from the day care indicate that he is coping well and has been eating his snacks and lunch as well. We’ll wait and see how he progresses during the week. As of now Seemz picks him up at noon, but after a few days when his comfort level increases, she will gradually pick him up a little later.


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