Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring is here

No no not the ones for our creaky mattress (well how it got creaky is for another time), but the invigorating, exhilarating and never-too-many-superlatives time of the year is finally here. Spring is especially beautiful in Michigan and it makes the drab, dreary, cold, grey, wet, miserable 6-8 months of fall/winter almost bearable. Spring is an affirmation of life, when things start to sprout from earth, sounds of children playing outside, longer days, blue skies, green leaves, smell of barbecues in the neighborhood, the great outdoors, picnics, swims in the lake and all things nice. It makes one realize why sun is the life force and sustains everything good on good ole earth. Long drives through the woods, a trip to Mackinac in the North, walks in the park and ice cream sundaes. Ummmm….its been great weather in Michigan for the past couple of days and can you tell that I am excited. This summer will be dedicated to golf vis-à-vis a serious attempt to at least play a decent 18-hole game without having to resort to vociferous shouts of “Fore” at ever hole. And of course, as much time as possible with my progeny outside. Swing sessions, for the child mind you, in the playground, bicycle rides and teach him to play catch. Ah, good times here I come. Spring is finally here.


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