Thursday, March 31, 2005

Goodbye Terri

Terri Schiavo passed away at 9:00 AM today morning, almost 2 weeks after her feeding tube was removed. These past 10 days virtually 80% of the couples in America may have weighed in one way or the other on this issue with their loved ones. The eventuality of death, certainly known to us is definitely not serendipitous, but it still gives us a pause, to reflect and to ponder. What does living really mean? Is it really quality of life or quantity of life that matters? Do we really mourn the person we lose or do we really mourn for ourselves?

What really was astonishing that there was coverage about the Schiavo case in India as well. Well read popular online publications like rediff and TOI has articles about Terri Schiavo's death.


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