Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nanny 911

There is an article in the WSJ today and it goes something like this:

"It has come to this: It is now possible to outsource most aspects of parenting.
The burgeoning industry of services aimed at harried parents, which began with the likes of birthday-party packages at gyms and pizza shops, has expanded to the point where you can now hire someone to assist with everything from potty-training your toddler to getting your teenage daughter to agree to passably modest prom dress. 'Fuss baby' services in Chicago, Denver, Brooklyn and Oakland, Calif., help comfort shrieking babies. In the New York suburbs, an entrepreneur has built a flourishing business by taking over one of the most timeless parental rituals of all: For $60 an hour he teaches kids to ride a bike."

Wow, next to follow will be outsourcing of the copulating act to produce the baby. Sign me up baby, I'm raring to go. Just imagine the visa interview of the candidate traveling for this little project.

Visa Officer: And how long do you expect to stay ?
Candidate: As long as it takes for the little blue (or pink or purple or whatever color) stick to appear.
Visa Officer: Do you have the necessary qualifications ?
Candidate: Er, while erect......well you get the gist...
BPO...Baby Production's that for cheesy uns ?


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