Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ten things that get my goat (In no specific Order)

1. Userid and passwords for websites that don’t really warrant any security
2. Network passwords that have to be changed every 2 weeks. The new password cant ever match a part of the old password and should have a Greek letter, a capital letter, no special character, greater than 12 characters but less than 16,no names of Hindu gods, no names of movie actresses and one number. Arggggggggg…
3. People with long nose hair, sticking out like Rapunzel's tresses while they sermonize, with a straight face, the decline of hygiene at professional workplaces
4. Paid porn sites
5. Popup's from your browser which simply wont stop and spam mail
6. DVD’s that freeze when you get to the most intriguing part in the movie
7. Never ending TV infomercials, especially that guy who cooks chicken in his grill machine. And also those ads for Cialis, Levitra etc. and other erectile dysfunctional pills. If I can’t go on for 36 hours at a stretch, then why can some old impotent git have this luxury?
8. Whenever the missus says “See I told you so”, when she actually never did
9. The fact that you cannot transfer the phone numbers from your old cell phone to your new one directly
10. Guys who uses their cell phones while on the pot. I’m now forced to listen to your crap from both ends.


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