Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Book Club

Over the past several years and many many books later I have felt this strong urge to share my thoughts on the books I read with someone or a group of people with eclectic reading preferences. Therefore in anticipation of intellectual simulation, and some good coffee and pleasant company, I ventured, rather apprehensively, to join a book club. This was a “blind date” kind of initiation to the club, whereby I responded to a message posted on the Indian community bulletin board. It has been well over 6 weeks that we have exchanged information about ourselves, but are still undecided about a name for the Book Club. Meeting the other members in person, which is scheduled for 17th April, is someting that I look forward to with great anticipation. The first book up for review is Lee Harper’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” and it’s been a long time since I have regurgitated the exploits of Atticus Finch, Scout, Jem and Boo. Here’s an excerpt from one of my emails in a failed attempt to come up with a name for the Book Club. Apart from a few member’s stray comments, we are still pretty much nameless.

Thanks V for this link and the accompanying "deep" inquisition for
the book. And all this while I thought it was just wine and cheese
nibblings with some incoherent rambling about Atticus, Boo et all.
Hey what about the much prolonged moniker for the BC that has been
thrown back and forth for quite some time now? Looks like the enthu
is waning and I hope we can sustain this beyond Harper Lee and the
mockingbird road kill. I happened to read a review of 'Reading Lolita
in Tehran' and have added that to my "Imminent Reading" list. Here are
my humble suggestions for our plausible BC names
1. Books R Us...hehehe just couldn’t resist that
2. BOL (Books over Lattes) or BOWBOW (Books over wine, Blabber once Wasted)
3. Padosans....get it??? Sans Reading(Pado), not necessarily in that order
4. Curious George...just cuz I have to read this to my 20 months old
twice every day !!!
5. GAB - Gupshup about Bible...hallelujah

What is all of ur reading pleasures as of now ? I am currently reading
1. Magic Seeds - Naipaul
2. Blind Watchmaker - Dawkins
3. Mockingbird - Lee
4. Seizure - Cook
5. 5 ppl/heaven - Albom
and Curious George ofcourse...twice a day.

So dont just sit there, get these creative grey cells workin, hit the
reply all button and write something yaar.


Blogger ARFan said...

Nice to read your blogs. Well as far as the grey cells are concerned, I am more worried about the strands of grey hair creeping on my head:). The names that you have come up are very original (as I had said in reply to your quoted email). In the last meeting, we also had voted unanimously for BOL, pending the approval of rest of the members. As S as said in her last email that we are waiting for Bored's summation of the meeting, so I too am not going to give more details.
As far as the success of the Book Club goes, we can make it as much successful as we want it to be!
I think your blog also could be used as a common meeting/talking point for the club or alternatively create an exclusive blog for the same purpose.
Books, have always formed a part of my core being, since I can remember reading The Hindustan Times at the age of 6 :)....but not too good at it, since my reading (and whatever little I could understand ;)) used to be limited only to the exploits of Hagar the horrible (am I right? or was it Times of India?).
So joining the book club was a very natural instinct, even though it would be my first attempt to formally do so. Hope we can make it a success.


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