Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Statutory Warning: Too Much Info on blogs

According to this article on CNN, apparently bloggers are putting too much personal data on their blogs which may come back to bite them in the rear in the long run. Well obviously titillation and frivolous beats serious, impersonal rhetoric ranting any day. Else how does one explain the immense popularity of blogs like The Wonkette and The Compulsive Confessor when compared to contemplative and hard-hitting blogs like Dilip D’souzas ‘Death Ends Fun’ or Ashish Hanwaldikar's excellent blog with its eclectic and profound articles. Most of us want the light headed stuff, else yellow journalism may not have been a multi million dollar industry. Now if only I led a quasi-decent debonair lifestyle, maybe I would have juiced up my blog as well. For now, well just contend with stories about potty training !!!


Anonymous charu said...

agree completely.

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