Monday, June 13, 2005

Lemony Snicket's: A series of Unfortunate Events

Jim Carrey is a genius. On a lazy, cloudy Sunday interspersed with light drizzles and after a sumptuous and delectable lunch, I settled down to watch ‘Lemony Snickets: A series of unfortunate events’, starring Jim Carrey. And how well was it worth my time. At the onset of this article let me warn you that being a life long die-hard Jim Carrey fan, any critique offered on Jim Carrey will be contemptuously tossed into the vast edifices of the cyberspace junkyard. Everything else will be tolerated.

This movie is based upon three books in the Lemony Snicket series, The Bad beginning, The reptile room and The Wide Window, and though I have not had the chance to read these novels, viewers of the movie will not be disappointed with the adaptation. The movie is based upon the adventures of three Baudelaire children Violet, Klaus and Sonny who find themselves orphaned under mysterious circumstances surrounding their parent’s death and are forced to take shelter with a distant relative, the diabolical actor Count Olaf , played by Jim Carrey. Count Olaf a vain, egocentric, megalomaniac, as most actors tend to be, has designs on the children’s fortune after disposing off his young wards. The movie details how the kids with their ingenuity and some serendipitous occurrences keep abreast of Count Olaf, despite his pursuit as eclectic characters.

The screenplay, since being adapted from successful books, is extremely well written and the visual images that every scene have is nothing short of spectacular. The acting by the three kids is extremely good, the brunt of which is borne by the two older siblings Violet and Klaus. But the ‘piece de resistance’ , of course is Jim Carrey. Some may consider his acting a bit ‘over the top’, as he usually is, but the role of Count Olaf absolutely demands it. His take on Stephano the Italian lab-assistant and as wooden legged sea captain, besides the pernicious Count Olaf are nothing short of hilarious. At the end of the movie the oldest of the Baudelaire clan, Violet tells Count Olaf in a tongue in cheek manner ‘And here’s some news for you. You are a bad actor’, which just cracked me up. Check out more about the movie at the very busy but well designed site here and check out the details about the books at this site . Jim Carrey rulez.


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