Monday, June 06, 2005

Will you remember ?

For Sidharth and my parents.
Inspired by Anshul's Time Really Flies post

All these years growing up
When you have Mama and Dada
At your every beck and call
Little sniffles agonized over
And your diet being discussed forever

With every new truant you played
Oh, how our day is made
When you show us Airplanes above
We crane our necks
As if a new discovery, you have made

Those nights that you wouldn’t sleep
Your distraught mother, she’d weep
Till dawn us awake you’d keep
But then it would be well worth it
When into a blissful slumber you’d retreat

Oh, my back is perennially sore
Playing Horse, the brunt of your weight it bore
In your little toy car, with me pushing you
All around the house we drove
Your mother crazy to the core

Barney and Simba seem like your siblings
Every song memorized,
Along with BJ and Baby Bop, your mother and I
Were forced to sing along lullabies
And all the dialogues we can quote at will
We sat through them, a thousand times
How that dumb purple dinosaur, Barney, I’d love to kill!!!

Every tantrum during dinnertime
Patiently we are forced to bear
We try and cater to your every whim
Just to watch a 2 year old grin
It’s all worth it at the end of the day
To watch your face when you are asleep

Will you remember all these years?
We saw to it that you were forever near
Will you remember all these times?
When you grow up as a young man fine
Will you remember these days and nights?
When, for extra allowance or a car you might fight
Will you remember, because I certainly can’t?
Remember all this that my parents did for me
Forget it, I’m sure you will
Just do the same and more, for your kids


Blogger Anshul said...

I liked the concept of the poem and it really touches one's heart! Tremendous sequence of thoughts and well-written.
Keep writing!

8:38 AM  

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