Monday, May 23, 2005


Last week the Detroit Pistons beat the Indiana Pacers in a grueling 6 game series, which was a closely fought series. The star of the Pacers, Reggie Miller, had announced his retirement from professional basketball after 18 seasons with a single team. What was great about game 6 was not the fact that Detroit won, but at the end of the game when defeat for the Pacers was imminent, Coach Larry Brown from Detriot called a timeout. This timeout had nothing to do with strategy or plays or plotting the next move. The timeout was just a token of respect for a retiring hero and the coach and all the players stood in front of the Pacers bench and applauded Reggie Miller, who was moved to tears. Very rare to see such a sight in professional sports, where selfish, avaricious and ego-centric athletes are very much the norm for regular temperament rather than the exceptions.

What was so touching about this surreal moment was the fact that you could be rivals to the core where it matters viz. the field of play, but as soon as you step off the field the opponent deserves the respect and adulation that you might expect of them. Not a bad lesson to carry around in life.

The eastern conference finals against the Miami Heat starts tonite and it is expected to be an intense contest. Though I am really rooting for the Pistons, but it looks like this time they might get beat by Miami. I have $20 riding on this instinct.


Blogger Anshul said...

I totally agree, Sourin!
It was a great gesture from Brown coach and everyone in the media have been talking about it.

Well! Pistons are already 1-0 against Heats and it will be interesting to see the tactics between Brown and Stan Van Gundy - a real sports battle between the two giants.


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