Sunday, May 08, 2005

Gas Leakage

Last Sunday we were all tucked in and blissfully counting our z’s at around 11:00 PM, when the phone rang, causing Seemz to jump from the bed to answer the phone call. Her friend on the call was frantic about some plane crash in our area and that residents in Rochester Hills were evacuating their homes by the droves fearing a terrorist attack. My skeptical nature lead me to switch on the TV and then the internet to find any news of the imminent doom.

There seemed to be no imminent news about the end of the world, but not according to my better half. She was convinced that there was definitely something wrong and that we should do something, without quantifying what that something was. Stepping outside our house I house hear a loud roar, like a wildfire approaching us, and for a few seconds the end of the world theory seemed quite plausible to me. Meanwhile Seemz was freaking out, and a good amount of panic was setting in with me as well. The only chap oblivious to the entire commotion was Sidharth who wanted to watch Barney when the sky was supposedly falling, much to his mothers chagrin.

On the nightly TV news they announced that a gas line, not far from our house, had ruptured, thereby emitting gas and they were evacuating people 1000 feet around the plant. Though our house was not within the 1000 feet radius, we though it best to leave our home and spend the night at our friends house in Troy. Seemz already had a bag packed with our passports, important documents, clothes and some inane stuff only she knows why she packed. Amidst all the chaos she wanted to pack her pharmacy text books, just in case our house was to get burnt down. And handkerchiefs, to clean our stuffed nose if we are stuck in the gas leak. Things that you do not want to be caught dead with, dirty underwear and stuffed nose!

Check out the actual article of the pandemonium here


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Sourin, Your depiction of the entire incident is wonderful!

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