Friday, April 22, 2005

Food for Thought

Check out this bizarre story about cannibalism from Germany here. Apparently this guy had a fetish for human flesh and he advertised for someone to “slaughter and eat” and what is even more astonishing that some idiot responded to the ad, and was killed and eaten by Germany’s very own Hannibal Lector. Before killing him, the first night the cannibal cut off the victim’s penis and fried it for both to eat. I wonder how the dinner conversation must have gone

Victim: So, how do you like the taste of my penis?

Cannibal: Well I don’t care for it much. I expected it to be hard and crisp, but it’s soft and fluffy

Victim: Try it with some Tabasco, maybe it will taste better

Cannibal: Maybe I should also have your arse on the side to go with your penis, you imbecil. Just shut up and eat.

Really morose.

In another story reported by The Hindustan Times, a man in Lucknow started shedding his clothes on the streets and was performing the cabaret in his underwear. A crowd gathered around him and when one of the girls laughed at him, he pulled out a big knife and stabbed her bosom, infuriated to see her laughing. One wonders, where he would have hidden the "big" knife while performing his erotic contortions!!! Seems like the loony’s just keep stumbling out of the woodwork.


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Is this stone age?

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