Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Incredibly Closer

Watched the movie 'Closer' by Mike Nichols this weekend. Magnanimous waste of time. Absolutely one of the most dysfunctional, myopic (sic), pretentious, duplicitous relationship movies I have ever seen. Story line is maybe true or applicable to ‘movie/rock stars’ or ‘Page 3’ lifestyle types, but for the rest of us economy class folks, this movie doesn’t fly. What a waste of four incredible talents, or three talents. I'm not that sure about Jude Law. Avoid the movie if at all possible since it’s not worth your time getting any ‘Closer’. Let me know if anyone differs from my opinion.

Also caught ‘The Incredibles’ with Sidharth over the weekend. Now that is a movie worth watching, even though the ending seems a tart stretched. We enjoyed it immensely.


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