Sunday, May 15, 2005

Potty Training

Well let’s see what Sidharths antics were for the past week. As I sit here typing, he his dragging the duvet cover of our sofa across the kitchen floor. And his mother is screaming, while I choose to ignore her berating. Now the doormat is getting mauled as I compose this blog. My eyes are steadfast glued to my PC.

With each passing day his fascination for the toilet seems to be ascending exponentially with reprehensible outcomes. One can see the mischievous glint in his eyes as he steps into the bathroom and starts making his way towards the pot. Like Lord Vader approaching Princess Leah as the Star Wars Vader music plays in the background. Wringing his little hands with glee, as if he is getting baptized or has just discovered the holy grail, like Moses, he parts the water and the rest of the contents of the toilet bowl. Last week while relieving myself one afternoon, the doorbell happened to ring and I had to attend the door without flushing the loo. When I returned back after attending the door, I found the little chap missing. Somehow I had this grim foreboding anticipating the gross, and lo and behold, there he was with his legs sticking out of the toilet, his head nearly drowned inside, and making circular wave motions with the toilet water. There was a retching sensation in my stomach coupled with urgency to pull my son out of the crapper. Luckily there was no “solid” waste for junior to mould, else I would have severed all relationship with him with immediate effect. Needless to say that I had to give him his third bath for that day, with Seemz not wanting anything to do with this child of ours.

Last week while attending a social function in one of the local schools in Troy, I was left in charge of our “loo”vable sonny boy. With Seemz busy helping out with the dinner preparation, I was left to fend for myself with a super-hyper kid on my hands. Having fought off a trip to the men’s room as much as possible, and having stood cross legged for a really long time, I finally had to succumb to natures call. So after finishing my business with a jumpy kid in one hand, I flushed the urinal and turned around to wash my hands. There was no other option but to let Sidharth stand next to me while I soaped my hands underneath the running faucet. As soon I left him down, he turned around and stuck his hand in the running water of the urinal and started splashing it around. Oh my gosh noooo. Needless to say his shirt was wet, so were a good portion of his pant and shoes. I came very close to giving up that evening. On well, such is life, what can you say.

Check out this article from Cyrus Broacha, which amplifies my current state of mind aptly about dealing with a 2-year old.


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