Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sidharth Tidbits

Just wanted to paraphrase Sidharth’s antics over the past few weeks, since it’s been a while since I have written anything about him, despite him taking up most of my free time. He is by now quite well settled at the day care and is now spouting his friend’s names regularly when he misses them over the weekends and holidays. Names like Jake, Jessica and Kamini have become a regular feature of his vocabulary and at times these friends come up in his conversations with us. Of course his teacher’s names are also thrown in there for good measure.

And he can also sing a few words now. When asked to sing and when in the mood he will belt out Rabbi’s “Bulla ki jaana mein kaun”, the same line repeated many times over until he has been enticed to stop by some other distraction or we cease to pay any attention to him, whichever happens first. To me, I’d like to think that he sings with a lot of soul. Like when he is singing “Bulla ki jaana mein kaun”, he places special emphasis on the last word kaun, letting it drag for a few extra seconds, before repeating the entire sentence again. Mercifully not a William Hung, the American Idol comedic reject, in the making! Sidharth can now also recognize nursery rhymes and responds by hand movements for “Twinkle Twinkle little Star” and “Peas Porridge” and ‘Pat-a-cake”.

Sidharth’s mother has bought him a 10 gallon fish taken and the novelty of watching fishes in the tank is still very much in force. We initially purchased two guppies and then let them acclimatize themselves to the tank and then purchased two other aggressive small fishes, whose name eludes me. One of the guppy’s fish is already dead since it was smaller and did not take to the new fishes very well. So now we have three little fishes in the tank and will add a few more after a month or so. Sidharth wishes them good morning and goodnight when ever he wakes up or retires. It’s going to be an interesting endeavor, looking after these fishes, I tell you.

We have also bought him a little toy car, and I have cleared the furniture in our living room to resurrect a Formula One race track for this car. On his own, Sidharth does not elect to drive around in his car, since that entail too much work of dragging the car around with his two little feet. So I play the car engine most evening, pushing him and his little car around the race track. A mere two or four lap does not give him the speed thrills that he craves, I suppose. So after a hard days work, I am relegated to pushing our son around in his car for about 20-30 minutes. And most days he will make my task even harder by dragging his feet on the carpet, making it that much more difficult to push his car. The things we do for our progeny!!!


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Please try this link for the maintenence of the guppies and the fish-water tank...might be helpful for you guys!

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