Saturday, June 18, 2005

We are the World, We are the Children

Children are being imported into UK and beaten to death as reported by the BBC here.

“Children are being trafficked into the UK from Africa and used for human sacrifices, a confidential report for the Metropolitan Police suggests.”

Its surprising how children tragically are usually the victims for our insecurities and inner demons. This aspect of human psychology never ever ceases to amaze me, the fact that someone would abuse and vilify innocent children, just to justify their own faith. Absolutely incredulous.

On a lighter note check out this interview of Triumph the insult dog of Michael Jackson fans waiting outside the courthouse during the trial. It is absolutely hilarious and had me in splits.

Our Chinese brethren using Shanghai MSN Network will not be able to use words like “Freedom”, “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and other common words that we do not even spare any extra thought. And Microsoft apparently has given into this, bowing to pressures from the Chinese government. Its not just Microsoft, but Yahoo and Google also had to follow suit. So much for “Freedom and Liberty” for all. Read the entire article from here.

And finally something that has captured my fancy of late is this Japanese puzzle called Sudoku. It is a good test of logical and analytical thinking and all you are required to do is fill a matrix consisting of nine 3x3 grids which need to be filled with numbers 1 thru 9, both horizontally and vertically. There is no math involved. The trick is not to guess even a single number and complete the grid by absolute logical conviction. Harder than you think, since I had to resort to guessing a few of the digits to complete the puzzle. Download a trial version from here and check it out, but be forewarned that it’s highly addictive.


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