Thursday, July 14, 2005

Juvenile Sex and Salman Khan

According to an article titled “Naughty aunty’s lover” in Mid-Day

“It was a mistake. Why do you want to reopen that chapter?” said 21-year-old Abrar Khatri. On Tuesday, a sessions court sentenced Persis William (40) to five years in jail for kidnapping Khatri and having sex with him in November 2000, when he was a minor.

But Khatri told Mid Day yesterday that he was unaware of the court’s judgement. The boy is now in college and is also involved in his dad’s export business.

Huda Khatri, his mother, admitted that her son had made a mistake, but attributed it to his impressionable age. After he was rescued, following William’s arrest in 2000, he was kept under virtual house arrest for eight months, she said.

Check out the entire article here. This kid Abrar Khatri hooked up with an aunty over the web for a jolly good time and poor aunty is now cooling her heels in jail. Meanwhile the kid, all of 21 now is back on the internet now, chatting up strangers, with his mother’s blessings.

Check out aunty’s side of the story here. Apparently she confides in her 16-year old servant after having sex with minors at her friends house. Her friends let her use their house, supposedly on “humanitarian grounds”. And you thought that Jackson case was now closes ! Loonies.

Speaking of loonies check out the transcripts of conversation between Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai here. Is this guy, Salman, a piece of work or what !!! Why do we call such imbeciles our heroes ? Now, Abrar Khatri is my hero. Yeah, you go boy.


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