Friday, July 22, 2005

What If's

What if

  • There was no concept of money ? Would you still have “free” stuff?

  • Any man who forced himself involuntarily on a woman dies immediately after the act ? Would the number of widows increase overnight ?

  • The entire world was ruled by just one monarch, with divine powers andsuperhuman qualities ? Would his/her word still be the law ?

  • Pedophiles got elephant feet ? Will Michael Jackson still be able to Moonwalk ?

  • People get merited by their value to society and the good they do for others ? Willwe still have politicians ?

  • All thoughts would be displayed on the minds like teleprompters for all to see? Would we design turbans to cover them up ? (Why do you think someone invented pants !)

  • If we were to age backwards? What might be a common accessory at our birth and death – the diaper ?

  • You could check people for compatibility via some inherent chip? And if Microsoft was to write software for those chips, you’d have to pay them to gain friends.

  • All living creatures on earth are someone’s lab experiment, existing in a cosmic Petri dish?

  • Nature mandated that we could only eat stuff we grow or raise ourselves ? Would it then be equality for all ?

  • Evolution was to mitigate all hateful, petty and envious emotions from human beings ? Would we still have soaps on TV ?

  • Every couple is forced to adopt one orphaned child in the world. Will infant mortality rates in the world increase ?


Anonymous Ash said...

Nice ones !

Loved the turban-pant what-if *grin*

10:09 AM  
Blogger chappan said...

Thanks Ash. I loved your pink wig on your blog. Reccommed that you make it permanent.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Meenal Mehta said...

Sourin ,

liked these ...if all these "waht -if's" came true, we would live in Utopia but some of them are extemely doable;) (the pants and the turban bit ...)

1:43 PM  

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