Tuesday, July 11, 2006

7/11, Bombay Blasts....Again

8 blasts, 174 killed on the Western Railway

Where millions commute to and fro everyday

There was blood everywhere, mangled bodies strewn

Rivers of blood supposedly flowed

People running helter-skelter, chaos reigned supreme

No one could be reached, over the phone

When they were just trying to make their way home

Arre yaar, what are they doing to my city?

The 7:23 Churchgate fast, Bori Bunder

Eros Cinema, Azad Maidan and the Hanging Gardens

Sri Krishna Vada Pao, Pau Bhaji “rekdis” and cutting chai

“Zara hato yaar”, “Time kya hua bhidu” and “Dhakka lagao bhai”

Are some of the things that the city beats to

Now everything stalled, the city stops

To mourn the 175, whom life has dropped

Arre yaar, what are they doing to my city?

Juhu beach and inevitably “Naariyal Pani”

At nights, the Queens necklace so imperiously lit

Yes, I do agree, Mahim Khadi stinks

But Bandstand and Walkeshwar makes one doubt

If Dharavi and the other zopadpattis

In part of the same city could be found

Arre yaar, what are they doing to my city?

Dabbawallas, rickshawallas and mazdoor

Rubbing shoulders with the seths and babus

Everyone trying to eek out a living

Finding their place in the city

The multiplexes and the malls

Are a part of the city’s ever changing landscape

Arre yaar, what are they doing to my city?

How many times will they try and exterminate?

Lives of the ordinary nine-to-fiver

What does it take to bring a city down to its knees?

Before it keels and calls it quits

Angry, frustrated, depressed, anguished and sad am I

Thinking over and over am I

Arre yaar, what are they doing to my city?


Blogger Karthik said...

It's time to cleanup the mess !!!

We have been tolerant of these terrorist acts for a looong time. Gandhi's policies of non-violence are in our veins and preventing any fitting reply.

It's time to cleanup the mess and give a fitting reply to the LeT or any other organization out there.


9:14 AM  
Blogger chappan said...

You are right that we have been too docile in our responses. Check out this article here about how the US has responded to 9/11 and compared to Indias response, rather lack of it, to the 1993 bomb blasts in Bombay.


6:42 PM  
Blogger Anshul said...

Reason for being docile is that we feel that terrorism is a part of our lives - it has been with us FOREVER. One 9/11 in USA has changed the picture of USA and they are still talking about it and taking all the measures to curtail the immigrants and make USA more secure.

India - this is not the first blast in Mumbai, we had in Delhi too a few years back and many more. It's the administration to be blamed - it's the political arena who should start taking responsibilities for this dastardly acts from terrorists.


3:07 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i want to know d actions taken by lalu prasad yadav (railway minister) ..after the bomb blasts ..7/11 .......plzz mail me at dannyboy840@hotmail.com

4:31 AM  

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