Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Polly Squeals and Slim Shady Kneels

Check out this story of how a pet parrot squealed on a guys girlfriend, thereby getting them separated. Apparently the girlfriend, Suzy, was cheating on this guy (Chris) and the parrot (Ziggy) picks up the boyfriends (Gary) name and kept repeating it over and over again. Not only did the girlfriend get shown the door, but Ziggy the parrot had to go too, since he couldn’t stop repeating the lover’s name in the girlfriend’s voice.

Imagine poor Chris, here he is, trying to get on with his life, get his girlfriend out of his mind and all, trying to get some self-love, by himself, for himself when the bird goes nuts squaking away ‘Oh yeah Gary, give it to me Gary,O yes Gary, yeah Gary….’. What’s a heartbroken, lonely guy supposed to do? Sorry Ziggy, you’re outta here!!!

How bad is it when you can’t even stop your bird getting a raise from parroting your rival’s name? Sheesh…maybe this guys needs a new pet. A pit bull maybe!!!

Last Saturday, Eminem remarried his ex-wife Kim, in a private ceremony, not too away from our house. The Meadow Brook Hall, the eighty-year-old mansion built for auto mogul John Dodge's widow, where Eminem got married, is supposed to one hellva mansion. We’ve never done the touristy walkthrough of this mansion, but I’ll take the word of the tourists who have.

Well, we would have attended the marriage, if only they would have had the function on any night other than our weekly grocery shopping day!!! They had great deals on garbage bags and milk at the local grocery. I also can’t stand 50 cents. He’s sooooo not raw. Whatever that means. And he wears his pants way too high. Now that’s not hip. I possible can’t get jiggy with it…Er, I mean, pants being way too high, not 50 cents.

Detroit is all geared up for Superbowl XL. Crime rate is drastically down in downtown Deroit. Only 3-4 out of 10 tourists will now supposedly get shot at. Rolling Stones will be performing at halftime. Greatttt…Fancy watching Mick Jagger’s testicle pop out on live TV! Ughhhh...Can you imagine anything worse? Hmmmm, maybe Aretha Franklin’s boob pop out on live TV. That should be one for the ages….

On another note, when Sidharth is asked ‘Sidharth, where are all your toys kept?’, depending on his mood, he promptly responds “Toy”let (Toilet). By myself, I would never have figured this association out. Never. And no, we don’t keep his toys in the toilet.


Blogger Karthik said...

Will the ball pop out of any of the quarterbacks for a fumble ? I can bet this will be telecast live, for everything else, there's ADULT-PPV.

Adding to your inputs on Toylet/Toilet, may be the word came becos it's a Toy Let Out place.. (toy referring to the john)

9:42 AM  
Blogger chappan said...

Ha Ha. Thanks dude for stopping by.

10:01 PM  

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