Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No God

Last week, being a short work week, I spent time at home, mostly with the little guy since Seema was busy with her Pharmacy license exam coming up on the 3rd Dec. The week was mostly uneventful, spent attending to the capricious whims of a two-year old. And a little bit of post T-giving shopping, mostly stuff for the kid, and reading. Lying on my bedside ‘Books to Read’ list were Brysons ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ , Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom and Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’. Out of sheer anticipatory titilation, I opted to read the Dan Brown novel, and oh, what a colossal waste of time it turned out to be. Talk about a C-grade Bollywood masala, or maybe worse. Serves me right, as I should have known better from reading ‘Da Vinci’ and Robert Langdons 2-minute puzzles.

On the bright side, saw Peter Weir’s remarkable WWI movie ‘GalliPoli’. Outstanding Stuff.

Listening to NPR radio, a few other stories that caught my attention:

One of the more compelling essays on atheism that I have read in recent times, by Penn Jillette, the chirpy one in the ‘Penn and Teller’ magicians duo. No philosophical overtures, no theological or moral biases. Simple logic. Check it out here.

Excerpts from Majorie Williams book ‘Woman at the Washington Zoo here.

Williams died in January of liver cancer. She was 47. She'd been diagnosed at age 43, a mother of two young children, then 5 and 8. Doctors said she'd live three to six months. She defied that prognosis and she lived three and a half years.

This article here tells the story of a small band ‘You’re your Hands Say Yeah’ and the buzz they generated via MP3 blogs. Musicians looking for a break are increasingly turning away from conventional forms of promotion and toward the more populist venue of the Internet. MP3 blogs, Web-based music magazines, and online record stores all offer small-time bands a chance to reach a wider audience.

I wonder if this is what the future of blogs is goings to be, where people access their favourite blogs for recommendations on movies, books, restaurants, music, technology and just about everything else under the sun? Except for a life partner, maybe!!! Like I would be more inclined to check out a movie or read a book if recommended by one of my favourite bloggers, than by some unknown book critic on Amazon or NYT. Maybe, I'm on to something here....hmmm...note to myself...deserves another thought...what do I have for breakfast?, which one?, granola, rasin bran....renew that....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sourin,
I agree with your views of the book and movie reviews and critics. "Don't Believe The Hype"
I had a movie marathon with my friends over the holiday weekend. Saw bunch of old movies "Do the Right Thing" by Spike Lee, "Immortal Beloved," and also a high school fav of mine "Heathers".

8:44 AM  

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