Sunday, October 30, 2005

Can't even wish everyone...Happy Diwali

Cus some 100 odd families had a much more sense of loss. They were anything but happy, anything but festive. We grieve, for those who lost their lives, near and dear ones, in the Delhi bomb blasts.

When will this madness end? This Diwali, for those affected, will be far from happy. I'm sorry, for your loss.


Blogger Anshul said...

Its extremely sad and heartbreaking...the complete environment is set to a gloomy and murky state of affairs. The pics I have seen over the I-net are extremely excruciating for all of us. Imagine the situation of our fellow Indians who have suffered due to these blasts.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous charu said...

I called my in laws in kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) on Diwali and my mil said - everyone around us is crying - peopel have lost their homes and posessions due to the heavy rains - who can think of celebrating now...

5:46 AM  

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