Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chelsea Clinton Betrothed......…Well, Almost

Water, water everywhere. In Mumbai, India i.e. Well here are some funny stories for some respite from the deluge for the Mumbai readers and my "phamily" members. Um...wait a minute, my "phamily" members from Mumbai are my only readers. Anyway Enjoy.

If Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor from Kenya had his way, he’d be snogging Chelsea Clinton right about now. However his offer was not reciprocated adequately, despite offering to pay a handsome dowry offering to his prospective father-in-law, former president Bill Clinton. Check out the story from CNN here. I’m sure that Chelsea will be hugely disappointed for missing out on such a fine catch.

Better get the name of the person you hope to marry correct. Else you end up getting married to either the brother, or father or maybe somebody totally different. Check out the story about the bride from Uttar Pradesh who married the wrong guy accidentally here. Whoever said, what’s in a name?

You don’t have to be driving while under the influence to be booked by the cops. Apparently two gals were given DUI because of their inebriated state by the cops, and they were not even in the car. Check out the entire story from Daves Daily here.

If all those stories don’t crack you up, watch these geezers go at it. Geriatric vintage Ali-Lewis kinda footage, sure to crack you up. Some good stuff here.


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