Monday, August 28, 2006

Rahul is 40

Our buddy Rahul Garg turns 40 today, which we celebrated with a rockin party last Saturday. The wine was flowing, the food was a trippin and the company chillin. This piece was something that I had written for his roast but with Kunal, his son espousing heartfelt thanks for being a good father etc. and with the kids around, I didn’t really want to serenade the crown about “humps” and “dumps”.

So here goes buddy, you are 40 and all, but hoping that you never ever change….

Wow, Rahul is really 40

Though it may sometimes seem

That he still is in his 20’s

Not by his looks mind you

But by his various juvenile deeds

Be it banging on the utensils

Thinking he’s making sweet music

Or hopping around like a bunny

Not in the bedroom I’m referring

But on the dance floor, looking rather funny

So he cant really dance, neither can he golf

And he’s not very good with balls

Er, I mean volleyball, racketball etc

But what he is, is our Mr. Forest Gump

And though it does rhyme very well

I’d rather not say mention hump

All kidding aside, Rahul is the life of any party

With him around its never ever drab

Any gal from 16 to 80, he’ll try and grab

And green with envy, go the men

Ah, but not to worry

He’ll be snoring away by ten

Rahuls run many a marathon

And cycled to Lansing and from

I’ll tell this story about our relay

Which we nearly pretty much won

Save for one little bump

When this guy had to stop for his dump

Well, I can joke now about Rahul

Since he has a big enough heart

To forgive, forget and move on

But I can somehow guess

Tomorrow he’s gonna kick my ass

Rahul’s a great guy and all

A good friend, fun loving and well rounded dude

He’s straight forwards and doesn’t tolerate any nonsense

There may be a lot about him that we may never know

But of this much I’m sure, that whenever he’s making love

Guaranteed, he’s using both his Johnson’s


Anonymous Nita said...

Sourin well covered and true (humps, gump, dumps and the bumps). Good job of sweetening it up. Rahul a very happy birthday. May your next 40 be as wonderful and more. Wish you happiness and prosperity.

Blog: And the meek shall Inherit
Post: Rahul is 40

5:25 AM  
Blogger Anshul said...

It was a rocking party!
Rahul was in full swing and spirits, booze was flowing all the way, excessive aggressive dancing on the floor and excellent food.

Rahul/Sima, looking forward to your 41st birthday too.


3:58 PM  
Blogger Karthik said...

I'm glad I could make it. It will be very interesting to note that Rahul will turn 60 when I turn 40 (:-> , so let's combine both the celebrations.

I couldn't stop looking for Vinod and Nita in the party !!! We (still) miss you a lot !


8:53 AM  
Blogger The Visitor said...

Hi - I landed on your blog by googling for "growing up" "Terrible two". One thing led to another and I ended up reading your 'About me'. With that kind of thinking I thought that you were an ideal choice for a tag. Do this tag if you think it fit. :)

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sourin if you are checking yoyr blog send me an email

10:01 AM  

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