Sunday, April 30, 2006

For Nita.....Wherever you may choose to go

With her warmth, love, compassion and generous heart

She engulfs everyone who gets to know her

She reaches out to those who need

And stands up for the people she loves

Not one, is oblivious to her giving deeds

During good times, she’s close to celebrate

And closer when times are hard

Knowing Nita one can never lose

She’s all heart, tis much is true

So I presume, would have said the bard

With the guys, she’s one of the boys

And with the women, she holds court

Clearly loved dearly by all

And miss her, we shall severely

Her friendship, help, passion for life and support

She listens to all with a patient ear

Offers comfort, solace and words to allay fear

A friend, counselor, home doctor and advisor is she

For advice, ‘Don’t worry ya, It’ll be OK ya’ she asserts

And deep down you somehow know

Things will turn out OK and that right is she

All those years of good times, that we’ve shared

At countless mirthless jokes we’ve laughed

Shots of tequila and lime we’ve downed

While most others, upon it frowned

You’ve fed us, counseled us and helped us care

For our sonny boy, Sidharth, love you’d spare

With Vinod and the kids, as you set sail to the motherland

And we see you guys off, with bajja and band

We wish you the very best that life’s got to give

Be happy, be healthy and you’re already wise

Stay well, be good, we’ll miss you the most, oh dost

But most of all we’ll miss hearing, ever so often

That comforting, ‘Don’t worry ya. It’ll be Ok, ya’ over the phone

Thanks Nita, for Everything.

Seema, Sourin and Sidharth


Anonymous Vinod said...

Wow, what an awesome depiction!

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Pratibha said...

Wonderful Rao saab.....I totally agree with you here.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Anshul said...

Excellent one Sourin for an excellent personality!

Just to add to this, we all keep talking about Vinod's involvement, Vinod's charisma, Vinod's jokes and so on. However, I MUST candidly admit it today that Nita has brought so much of variety, so much of warmth and myriad levels of relationship amongst our group (Oops! amongst our family)that it's really going to be tough for all of us without her. I do not have enough vocab for Nita (may be Sourin could help me) - but she has always spoken from her heart which does tell us about the real Nita. "Saala koi to pehchana"

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Sakshi said...

Sourin - very sweet indeed.

12:58 AM  

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